Ten tips to help with the house move drama

  • Top accessory: another pair of hands.
  • Top stress buster: shelve all work deadlines for at least a week.
  • Big question: would it be more fun not moving?
We have moved house over 12 times in the last two decades.  Five of the moves have been with three children and a dog and, of those five, two have been international.
We are not known for logistical finesse but our moves have stockpiled some knowledge.  Here are a few top tips.

  1. Move your head/heart first.
  2. Get rid of ‘stuff’ months before – old clothes; broken clocks; shoes that don’t fit; out-of-date cooking ingredients; abandoned toys …
  3. Set yourself a budget for the move.  The cost of lampshades, light bulbs, storage boxes and tissues all adds up.
  4. Sort out communication systems for the new home before you get there.
  5. Make sure you know how much storage space there will be at the next address.  Is there a loft?  Is there a garage that doesn’t leak?
  6. If you have a good moving firm to help let them do all the packing that way if they break the Lurpak toast rack they will have to replace it.
  7. Check that the removals lorry, or your own overloaded transport, can get to both properties and warn the neighbours of the dates of any move.
  8. If your feng shui depends on having a piece of furniture at a certain grid reference make sure you can get it there – door frames come in different sizes and stairs aren’t as bendy as they look.
  9. Boxes can get heavy fast so if you are doing the packing keep checking the weight and, for an A*, label each box with contents and the room it should be headed for.
  10. Finally, keep kettle and bedding in sight – hot liquids and the chance of sleep equal survival.

Good luck!  Oh, and … always love thy neighbour …

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