Ten tips to help with a house move

Packed up for the move

The packers are in the building

House moves are stressful. We’ve done a few…twelve in two decades, which means a fairly constant state of pack and unpack.

Five of the moves have been with three children and a dog, and of those five family moves, two have been international.

Here’s a little of what we’ve learned, written with huge respect for all on the move.

Moving house is hard on the pets

The packers have gone

  1. Moving is emotional, especially if you have no say in where you’re going, so try to focus on the good points ahead.

  2. Get rid of ‘stuff’ months before – old clothes; broken clocks; shoes that don’t fit; out-of-date cooking ingredients; abandoned toys …

  3. Set yourself a budget for the move. The cost of lampshades, light bulbs, storage boxes, and tissues all adds up.

  4. Sort out communication systems for the new home before you get there if you can.

  5. Make sure you know how much storage space there will be at the next address.  Is there a loft?  Is there a garage that doesn’t leak? And check on window sizes for blinds and curtains.

  6. Be prepared for the packers if you have that luxury, and be there when they come.

  7. Boxes get heavy fast so if you are doing the packing keep checking the weight of each box and, if you have the time, label each box so that you’ll know the contents and the room it should be headed for without having to unpack it.

  8. If you would like a piece of furniture in a certain place make sure you can get it there – door frames come in different sizes, and stairs aren’t as flexible as you might want.

  9. Check that the removals lorry, or your own transport, can park close to both properties, and if the vehicles are likely to disrupt the neighbours it might be a good idea to warn them.

  10. Finally, probably the most important point, keep track of food and bedding for you and your pets. The whole family will be exhausted, and the pets confused.

Just one more tip, always love thy neighbour…if possible.

Good luck!

Copyright Georgie Knaggs & The Phraser 2019

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