Review: The Studio of Rosemary Miller in Seale, Surrey

Every so often there comes the chance to pause in another more tranquil world.  Rosemary Miller’s studio gives you the garden space, the welcome and the paintings to enjoy doing just that.

The location is one of the most peaceful in Surrey, set at the top of a dense garden of flowers on a hillside opposite the village church.

Miller’s preferred medium is watercolour. Her paintings flow with life and light. In a short biography she writes:

“Besides working primarily in watercolour I enjoy using various media to explore my interest in light and complex patterns of shape, colour and texture.”

Flowers and water are amongst the themes but set alongside the shimmer of petals, of wet and of sunshine there are abstract images and the bold outlines of dance. Her paintings have mood and light, and show a curiosity about how much the artist needs to explain.

Miller, a full member of the Society of Women Artists, has exhibited for several years with the Royal Society of Marine Artists, the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour and the Graphic Society of Fine Art in London.

The paintings on display in her studio, both framed and unframed, are nearly all original pieces. She says:

“I like the uniqueness of each piece of work, the fact that nobody else will have one like it.”

To learn more: and

The original version of this piece was based on a visit to Rosemary Miller’s Open Studio in 2012. The details relating to that event have been removed.

Copyright Georgie Knaggs & The Phraser 2019

One thought on “Review: The Studio of Rosemary Miller in Seale, Surrey

  1. I have known this artist for many years. Her work is outstanding, she brings life and soul to every exhibit. An exhibition not to be missed!


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