Winter mind warmers – a way to keep smiling

Fog is drifting across the British Isles.  The days feel damp and they’re getting shorter.  The cash isn’t flowing like it should and the cost of Christmas looms.

It’s enough to stitch us into our sofas and drown us in tissues.

But … it needn’t.   As Winston Churchill said:  “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

Life’s out there and we’re all part of it.

The links below are top for boosting the spirits – sort of winter mind warmers. They feature Olympians and one of Britain’s skinniest, and more interestingly designed entertainers.   And there’s Matt.

Please give them a try.

* The dancing second 2012 gold for Dujardin and her horse Valegro (three beautiful minutes);

Mo Farah’s second gold of the 2012 Olympics (around two and a half minutes – half anxiety/half celebration);

Eric Idle’s take on stuff that happens (about five minutes and worth every   second);

* the Matt cartoon for showjumping gold (two seconds).

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