Cooking – up close and personal

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Camden’s Markets attract some 15m visitors every year.  This summer we were some of them.

Once through the curiosity and distraction of the stalls and the shoppers we made our way to the West Yard for food.

Here the assault on the senses was just as vibrant as it had been in the craft stalls.  The mix came from the Turkish kebabs, the Galician octopus, the French macaroons, the Ethiopian coffee and onwards.  The stall holders, jumbled around a large leafy tree, all sold freshly cooked food, London food, from around the world.

London, a city of crafty traders, selling its world-mix back to the world.

Later in the summer I returned to meet some of the chefs and to take a closer look at the food stalls in the hope of using the material as the basis for an article.  The article, with support from the Migrants’ Resource Centre, has recently appeared on the media4us website.

My thanks to the managers at Camden Lock Limited for their time and to all the stall holders who took precious minutes during a busy week day to explain the origins of their recipes.

A final tip for visitors to the West Yard – if you want to avoid the congestion in the tube stations try the London Waterbus.

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