This post drums with heartbeat … there is no doubting it’s real. This is a post to savour for all who know this crossing and for others it is a lesson in proceeding with caution.

Africa far and wide

We were insane! What in the name of good sense were we thinking when we decided to go back home to Mozambique via Zimbabwe? We ignored the news that 2 twins had been born in the queue while the mother stood for hours and hours and that one person had in fact died while waiting in the hot sun. We had known about the chaos that occurs annually between the South African and Zimbabwe border, but thought that by the 3rd of January the masses would have come and gone. That we were entering Zim, while the masses, if any, were exiting Zim. How bad could it get?

We almost choked on our Musina Spur burgers when the radio announced that the border posts were gearing up for the busiest time of year! We closed our Spur account, filled up with fuel and raced off towards the border post, not…

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