A midnight wish from London

Full moon over London

Full moon over London

London gleams in the dark as the seconds tick towards midnight.

There is a diamond frost on the ground.

Hope waits for the old day to bump into the new day,
and for Big Ben to bong twelve.

The great bell strikes deep … bong.
Star dust twists up fast as a flash then floats down
over London, over midnight… bong.

It shimmers like slivers of sunshine … bong,
like lickety seconds that split through the city
to find you, even in sleep … bong.

It fizzes in fox-coloured gold wrapped in hope … bong.

Jo says he’s never seen the stardust but he’s felt it… bong.
He says five is when you feel it best,
five when you can jump high … bong,
when you’re strong … bong,
and when you know how to be brave … bong.

Big Ben stands tall for midnight … bong,
scatters dreams in splashes amongst the stars … bong,
and hopes for children to make them real … bong.

The New Year has begun.

Copyright Georgie Knaggs & The Phraser 2018

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