Poem: While I’m gone


A face pressed against a window.  Warm light spills through the parted curtains.  Shadows hide the ten-year-old, the half-waving hand – heart ripped out of rhythm and lost.

I must go.  Don’t be sad.
You’re coming too.
I take you everywhere.
Wherever I go,
wherever I am,
there is always room for you.

You’ll be here, not with me,
but together.
Somehow we’ll always share.
You are in my heart,
locked in very tight –
a part of me forever.

While I’m gone, think of me,
remember me,
and we shall both be there.
Look – I close my eyes
and I see you now –
right here in the heart of  me.

I love you – top to toe.
Friends for always,
though not always here.
So … let’s all be brave.
Bang the crazy drum!
Today is today, and always is never done.

Copyright Georgie Knaggs & The Phraser 2018

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