Poetry: If you were to come back (by Hasani)

Zimbabwe flag

Zimbabwe flag

Hasani is a poet from Zimbabwe who left the country due to political strife. He writes protest poetry and advocates for recognition of human rights and justice in Zimbabwe. He currently lives in London.

Below is one of his poems: “If you were to come back”

If you were to come back

If you were to come back
I would grab you, as a fledgling in its nest
Ravenously snatches at the grubs brought by its mother

As fast as wind sweeping the dust through a deserted street
I would run with you, far away.

My youth, you are precious
I would take you again
To the land that’s not on any map
without cares and pain.

Like a mother cat, guarding her kittens
I would shield you from Time, that great thief.
Like a poor woman at a village market,
Who hides, deep inside her clothes,
The few pennies she makes from her toil
I would hide you.

We would sing, ‘Mvura naya naya tidye mupunga’
Summoning the summer rain.
We could leave behind all this misery of growing up
And live together forever
If you were to come back.

Please click on  “Freedom from Torture”  to see more of Hasani’s poetry.

Copyright Georgie Knaggs & The Phraser 2018

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