“What am I?” – the fiendish kenning poem by Peter Rolls

photoThis poem is testing brain cells.  Some frustration and incorrect answers have been received.  

If it is any help to anyone out there “What am I?”  is not:  a fork; an alarm; an atom; the universe; time; the sun; or a star.  

Further top notch thoughts have also been received:

I don’t know. I don’t think it is a single definite object.”

And this:

“Unless it is an intentional misuse of an Anglo-Saxon poetic device needing correction to its solution :

RIDDLE, which is what the poem – asking for a solution IS, (especially given the extended use of prosopopoeia)

If it isn’t this then I don’t know and it is going to annoy me.

There is no semantic / conceptual connection between the various noun phrases of the RIDDLE that I can see.

And finally:  “I don’t know. I’m a Cambridge student not a wizzard …

Here it is again:

What am I?

I am name and I am number.
I am cornflake and cucumber.
I am many, I am few,
I am purple, I am blue.

I am two-dimensional.

I am book and I am jacket.
I am hook and I am packet.
I am product, I am price.
If you blink, I’ll charge you twice.

I am rectilinear.

Sometimes I bleep, sometimes I bloop.
I am grog from Guadeloupe.
I am hammer, I am nails,
I am things for catching snails.

I am unequivocal.

I am secret, I am code.
I am lorries by the load.
I am thick and I am thin.
Riverdance and Lohengrin.

I am infinite.

I am capsules for catarrh.
I am stuff to make you sleep.
I go ba-baa … ba-baaa,
but I am not a sheep.

What am I?

Any thoughts?  Answer will be revealed next week.

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