Poetry: “What am I?” by Peter Rolls – now for the answer … at last

What am I?

I am name and I am number.
I am cornflake and cucumber.
I am many, I am few,
I am purple, I am blue.

I am two-dimensional.

I am book and I am jacket.
I am hook and I am packet.
I am product, I am price.
If you blink, I’ll charge you twice.

I am rectilinear.

Sometimes I bleep, sometimes I bloop.
I am grog from Guadeloupe.
I am hammer, I am nails,
I am things for catching snails.

I am unequivocal.

I am secret, I am code.
I am lorries by the load.
I am thick and I am thin.
Riverdance and Lohengrin.

I am infinite.

I am capsules for catarrh.
I am stuff to make you sleep.
I go ba-baa … ba-baaa,
but I am not a sheep.

What am I?

(c)  Peter Rolls

photoThe answer to “What am I?”  is:

 a barcode

The definition according to Oxford dictionaries is:


a machine-readable code in the form of numbers and a pattern of parallel lines of varying widths, printed on a commodity and used especially for stock control: the scanner at the checkout would pick up the different bar codes on the packets and charge the correct amount.

Thank you to everyone who had a go.  Two brilliant brains from the Farnham crew cracked the answer ahead of schedule.

Many thanks and hats off to Peter Rolls for the cunning of his fiendish kenning.

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