Performance: “Souvenirs” – torture remembered ‘live’ on stage in Bath

"Torture, hatred and political rhetoricstoke the flames."

“Torture, hatred and political rhetoric
stoke the flames.”

Hasani, who writes protest poetry and advocates for recognition of human rights and justice in his homeland, Zimbabwe, was recently on stage at the Bath Literary Festival as a cast member for the play “Souvenirs”.  The piece was written by the cast, all members of Freedom from Torture’s creative writing group – Write to Life.  

The following is a link to the article Hasani wrote for The Independent about taking part in the performance:

If you would like to see the performance it is not too late.  It is scheduled to be on stage at various venues around London.

Thursday 11th April  AFTER the evening performance – Jacksons Lane LONDON

Saturday 13 April AFTER the matinee (afternoon)  – Jackson’s Lane LONDON

Monday May 6 Diorama LONDON  – evening?

Thursday June 20, Freedom from Torture (FFT) fundraiser with John Hegley, FFT LONDON (this event is definite but performance depends on what happens between now and then)

Sunday June 23 CELEBRATING SANCTUARY (part of Refugee Week) Rich Mix, time tbc, probably late afternoon

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