“Souvenirs” – torture remembered ‘live’ on stage in Bath

"Torture, hatred and political rhetoricstoke the flames."

“Torture, hatred and political rhetoric
stoke the flames.”

In 2013 Hasani, who writes protest poetry and advocates for recognition of human rights and justice in his homeland, Zimbabwe, was on stage at the Bath Literary Festival as one of the cast in “Souvenirs”.  The play was written by the cast, who were all members of Freedom from Torture’s creative writing group – Write to Life.  

Sadly I never got to see the performance, but here is a link to the organisation that nurtured the creative writing group that wrote the play.

My thanks to Hasani for the image above which captures so well the violence and corruption that have done so much damage to Zimbabwe.

Copyright Georgie Knaggs & The Phraser 2018

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