The Migrants Resource Centre works to help others deal with change

(Published in 2012)

The Migrants’ Resource Centre in London works to improve the lives of immigrants in the United Kingdom. They have helped me, and many others, to learn new skills, and new confidence. I cannot thank them enough.

In the clip below Clive Handy articulates some of the cultural confusion felt by a certain sector of the British population that finds itself caught up in change. It is worth noting that 5 million UK nationals are now living abroad.

(With thanks to Rod Aguirre, Isabel Cortes and the Migrants Resource Centre (MRC) for their help with the production of the video.)

6 thoughts on “The Migrants Resource Centre works to help others deal with change

  1. Well done Georgie – good for you! well done with the video!
    The people are frightened, caught up in the drama of the financial crisis and everything else and feeling vulnerable, so they are running for their anchors. One of those anchors is to hunker down in the ‘safety’ of the past. this is similar to what is happening with the ‘Tea party’ in the States. As you so rightly say, Farage comes over with a ‘comfortable’ old school approach.
    The future is not to be afraid of… the future is abundant, wonderful, inclusive and different. we need this shake-up to change direction and as a result we will inevitably see a charge towards Farage as people rush for their anchors, and it may disrupt things a little to begin with, but it will pass. As the young emerge, so things will change and I have no doubt at all we will look back and be amazed at how we ‘used to’ behave in the past (meaning now). Just keep on…..the road ahead is bright and exciting.


    • You’re so right. I don’t mean to sound naive or idealistic but we have to learn to talk to each other. Our own travels and reliance on the kindness of others make prejudice seem increasingly daft.


  2. Reblogged this on Clive Handy: The Blog and commented:
    I think I was speaking with my thoughts quite clear, it is difficult to be an interviewee, and to marshal thoughts in some logical sequence without umming and erring. Hopefully it came off and I don’t come across as a closet racist.


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