Fifty, female and fine



I’m fifty – back in the job-market, qualifications out-of-date and up against my sons.

Female?  Yes.  Fine?  Perhaps.

In human terms I am a  domestically-challenged mother, volunteer, part-time worker, job-juggler, and unreliable feminist …  a ‘five-a-day’ woman, well-stretched and on the brink – a  retro-model from the 1960s based on a face-to-face operating system.  My memory needs upgrading and my download speeds need to be improved, but I am confident that I should increase in value with a little technical attention.

My employment prospects?  Who knows.  The problem is that a job market swirling with young flesh and old soldiers is not a comfortable place to be.   Who’s going to put Eeyore in for the Grand National?  But then again if Diana Nyad can swim through sharks and jelly-fish from Cuba to Florida in 53 hours the rest of us females over-50 can’t just Eeyore out of it.

That’s the problem with our role models – they’re made of bionic brilliance.  They’re iron ladies, superlative ladies like:  Florence Nightingale; Mother Teresa; Margaret Thatcher; Angela Merkel; Hillary Clinton; Serena Williams; J K Rowling … incredible women but how to get to there?

It’s disheartening to know that a few months before I was born Lieutenant Valentina Tereshkova, 26, had already orbited the Earth in a Russian spaceship.  Half a century later I’ve done hundreds of thousands of miles in Japanese cars but even 60,000 circumnavigating the M25 in the capsule of a Toyota iQ is not quite the same.

The reality is that I fell off the learning curve at around the time my sons were born.  Collapse of ego, sleep, and all ‘best-practice’ aspirations was a journey of extremes far beyond the formal workplace.  Flexibility, low standards, imaginative time-keeping and a way with baked beans became second nature but none of these leads back into the well-organised, high-salaried environment I’m sure is out there somewhere.

So here I am attached to the lowest rungs of several part-time, work-from-home jobs … addicted to irrational hope.

Copyright Georgie Knaggs & The Phraser 2018

6 thoughts on “Fifty, female and fine

  1. Nice piece Georgie if a bit self flagellating. Surely there is still room for a golden older? You have such a lot to offer and could knock spots off a younger, fresh out of the learning system person, surely? They have to learn about life, even though their faculties may be sharper, doesn’t mean they’re better. Stick with it girl, you’ll get there!


    • Thanks! Not meant to be self-flagellating but I suppose egged on by Ukip’s latest gems. I think it’s just like an old car … nought to sixty in ten years time … needs a new sense of direction 🙂


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