Pizza the Action: Unearthed in Italy

Life is full of flying debris and hidden gleam. Clash magazine’s ‘pizza-the-action’ article based on an interview with Mac DeMarco, has quite a glint.

The music of Mac DeMarco – Canadian (not-Italian) – has drifted around our living space for a while now, sufficient for us to connect name to lyrics. Read up on DeMarco a little and it turns out he’s as free as a crotchet in the wind but his pedigree is a fine, nailed-down sheet of music.

To get a real look around the man try the following two great pieces of writing – definitely worth a read even if the music takes a while to settle between your ears. We only discovered the first piece on the internet yesterday, as we cooled down after a morning on the tight cobbled streets of Spaccanapoli.

If you’re short on time try this link first and take it right to the end. You’ll meet Mac DeMarco in London and understand from the author details why we caught the gleam in Naples.
Pizza The Action: Clash Meets Mac DeMarco/Features/Clash Magazine

The second tells you a bit more about where Mac DeMarco comes from.
The Guardian – Mac DeMarco Salad Days

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