Tips: Re-publishing a post on WordPress; (and ZANE)

Tom and Jane Benyon of ZANE preparing to leave York on their 2012 fundraising walk to Canterbury

Tom and Jane Benyon of ZANE, and fellow hikers, preparing to leave York on their 2012 fundraising walk to Canterbury

Old blog-posts can be brought out into the light by re-publishing.  It’s worth it if they’re about anything as important and excellent as ZANE (Zimbabwe a National Emergency).

ZANE is a small, UK-based charity that puts its heart into raising money for the team on the ground in Zimbabwe who care for some of the country’s most destitute and vulnerable.

I first met the UK ZANE team in 2012.  At the time I was a fledgling blogger who hardly understood which way was up.  I’m slightly better now and keen to try to do more justice to ZANE.

One slight problem – re-blogging is not as easy as I thought it would be.

Prisoners' candle in Canterbury Cathedral

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing”
The ZANE 2012 walk ended at Canterbury Cathedral where this candle burns

For a start WordPress is cunning.  It protects its blog-followers from emails with links to repeat content.

Like every writer, I’m convinced that you’ll want to see an old gem polished up and reset but WordPress may be right – if it’s old it’s old and shouldn’t be forced on anyone.  The WordPress etiquette is that bloggers should post fresh material and then link on to updated posts.

So, here is a new blog listing the tweaks I’ve had to do to relaunch my first two posts on ZANE (Zimbabwe a National Emergency).

1)   First, and as  mentioned in a previous blog, the headlines have been cleaned up and kept to the point, with key words included.

2)  The permalinks under the new headlines have also been updated.

3)  The photographs included have all been labelled and description slots filled out so that search engines can find them.  The word ZANE has been used as often as possible.

ZANE - starting the ZANE walk from York to Canterbury in September 2012

The launch of the ZANE walk from York to Canterbury in September 2012 (with Leah the dog)

4)  The ‘Visibility’ ‘Edit’ button in the sidebar to the right of the main body of the post has been made ‘sticky’ to put the post on the front page.

5)  Social media links have been ticked (but I think that with a relaunch I also need to link these individually).

6)  ‘Tags’ and ‘Categories’ boxes have been filled in.

7)  The ‘Publish’ ‘Edit’ button in the sidebar has been changed to give current times and dates which means the posts have a chance to sit on the front page.

8)  Fresh material, including this, has been written to include links to the recently updated articles (see below).

9)  Emails will follow to a few who might be interested just to let them know the freshly polished posts are out there.

And then, finally …

10) the ‘Publish’ button gets pushed in hope – the hope that somebody’s there.

Tom and Jane Benyon en route to Canterbury Cathedral

The very end of ZANE’s 2012 fundraising walk – Tom and Jane Benyon on the final few hundred yards to Canterbury Cathedral

Here are the links to my two earliest ZANE pieces, both recently ‘refreshed’.  One was written at the start of Tom and Jane Benyon’s 2012 fundraising York to Canterbury walk; and one at the end of it.

Neither piece about this amazing charity is long but both give an idea of the work that is done to keep it alive.

To donate please click on the link below:

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