Hello 2019! Apologies for abandoning 2018 without a note…

My apologies for the silence. The end of the year in London was such a rush that I failed to post a note on The Phraser about where I would be over Christmas and the New Year.

On our way...

On our way…

We left the big city in late December in a chaos of bags and malaria tablets to visit family in Kenya. We flew into Mombasa then drove from the coast towards Tsavo and Kilimanjaro, and then on to Naivasha.

It was a treat of a trip, and I hope to post more about it later in the year.

In the meanwhile may I wish everyone the very best for the year ahead, and pass on, as always, my thanks – armfuls of them – for your company.

The two short videos in this were taken from, and close to, Lions Bluff Lodge, in Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary, on the edge of Tsavo National Park, Kenya.

Copyright Georgie Knaggs & The Phraser 2019

2 thoughts on “Hello 2019! Apologies for abandoning 2018 without a note…

    • Hi Lyn, Happy New Year to you! The big open spaces of the Tsavo area are so lovely, and I imagine a bit like Kruger, although I’ve never visited. What does always amaze me about Kenya though is how different it is to Zimbabwe, and to the little bit I know about South Africa. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised when you think how different England and France are with only a strip of water between them. And anyway, more important, it is the ‘difference’ that makes travel so interesting 🙂

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