Podcast (1): Interview with Arthur Knaggs, author of Chasing Laces

Arthur Knaggs, author of Chasing Laces, photographed for this interview in February 2020

This, the first podcast on The Phraser, is an interview with Arthur Knaggs, author of Chasing Laces. The book, written in 2019, is in the words of the runners he interviewed last year, before COVID-19 reached the UK.

I ask Arthur about running, and what it means to him and to those he interviewed. At the end he talks about the few days he spent alongside some elite runners in Kenya, and the reasons why he’s decided not to pin his career on writing.

My thanks to Arthur Knaggs for the interview.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, and, in case you’re wondering, Arthur is my son.

Copyright Georgie Knaggs & The Phraser 2020

10 thoughts on “Podcast (1): Interview with Arthur Knaggs, author of Chasing Laces

  1. Dear Georgie, what a very interesting interview. I used to run in my younger years and can appreciate the appreciation of the freedom it brings with the connection with the environment. I was particularly interested to hear about the way Arthur described the feeling that he felt from the way the elite Kenyan athletes ran, their focus and calmness. I have seen them out in front in many a marathon and am always awestruck by their physical and mental ability, as if they have a specific dna which enables them to be so advanced. Therefore it was an education to hear Arthur state that they have evolved this skill from hard training from sometimes a young age. Also he observed many unfit runners in Kenya. It gives hope to us all! I enjoyed listening to this very much. A great, informed insight. Thank you.

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    • Dear Glynis – thanks so much for listening, and for then taking the time to comment. I also found Arthur’s comments on the Kenyan runners so fascinating. When anyone excels in a field it’s so easy to forget how much of their excellence is due to hard work, not just superhuman powers! I am such a bad runner, that it has been a wonderful education and joy, to watch Arthur train for running and so many other different sports. I hope you’re well and able to enjoy the space around you right now. Thanks for your company. Georgie


  2. Hello Georgie. I have FINALLY listened to your interview with Arthur and loved it. It is so interesting to hear him speaking about running. So much in it that us non runners are missing out on!
    I love to hear how running gives people a sense of freedom and how it helps to maintain balance in people’s lives.
    Now to FINALLY read his book!
    Thank you.

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    • Thanks Kate! So pleased you found a moment to listen. I was almost inclined to lace up some running shoes myself … sadly the moment slipped away, but it was so interesting to get an insight into how much running means to others, especially the community side of it which comes out strongly in the book extracts. Happy reading and thanks again. Georgie


  3. Thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Arthur! He definitely is a Fraser-Mackenzie in looks ! And brains:). Am forwarding to my kids to listen to. Well done Georgie branching into a different forum. I take it he is practicing law? Love to you all x


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    • Heather thank you! I think Arthur probably has bit of both of us in there … perhaps I could have been a surf goddess if I’d tried harder 🙂 Right now Arthur is working as a lawyer. He wrote the book during a break after qualifying. Love to you and your family – I hope you’re all well. Georgie xx


  4. I have just listened to your podcast which I found delightful. You both have lovely speaking voices which helps. I wonder had you talked about the questions before or did the author have to think on the spot? I read all the articles on your blog last year so it was nice to put a voice to the words. It also helped me with my stair climbing challenge. I managed six flight I think while listening. Much slower than running I’m afraid.
    If you want to know what I’m talking about please see my blog too

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    • Thanks so much for your comment. I am really, really encouraged and SO pleased you found this podcast, especially having read the posts on The Phraser. The answer to your question about whether or not I showed Arthur the questions in advance is that I didn’t, although I did offer to. He preferred to do the interview on the spot. Congratulations on keeping up with a stair climbing challenge – that to me sounds harder than running! I hope you are well. I look forward to catching up with your blog tomorrow … it’s getting a bit late now. All the very best.

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