A crossword – you know you can do it


Hello – The Phraser is back. Hope all is well with you.

It’s autumn here – colours and cold are in flux, and everyone cautious about how best to reach the end of 2020. Plenty of pondering going on so I thought a crossword might suit.

The theme is current affairs with the topics picked from the news around the world. I hope, helper permitting, to do something similar next week, with answers posted on a Friday.

Have fun! No masks required.

2. ____ Malek, actor who portrays new Bond villain Safin
4. New Christopher Nolan film
7. Street artist who funded a migrant rescue boat
9. Netflix show about Spanish bank robbers
13. Chinese telecoms company linked with 5G
14. Number 1 university in UK according to latest Guardian rankings
17. Highest ranked T20 cricket team
19. What does ‘G’ in 5G stand for?
20. UK host city of the COP26 climate conference
21. Pierre ____ winner of the Italian GP
23. England drew 0-0 in the UEFA Nations League tournament against this team

1. Jacinda _____ NZ Prime Minister
3. Sir Keir _____, leader of the Labour Party
5. Joe ____, Democratic candidate for US president
6. GOP candidate for US president
8. Corporate partner with Oxford for COVID-19 vaccine
10. Disqualified from US Open for hitting line judge with ball
11. Doomsday glacier
12. Jersey that leader of the Tour de France wears
15. Cary Joji ______, ‘No Time To Die’ director
16. Country where Boris Johnson went camping
18. Ocean current running up western coast of southern Africa
22. Capital of Belarus
24. ______ Dam, largest reservoir in the world by volume

An interactive version, if you want to fill it out online, can be found here: https://crosswordlabs.com/view/current-affairs-23

Thanks to Crossword Labs for their site.

Copyright Georgie Knaggs & The Phraser 2020

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