Current affairs crossword – something for a lunch break

Crossword 16.9.2020

We’ve been through a little of what’s happened around the world over the past seven days, and picked out some of what’s gone on to see if you noticed as well.

For me, these questions – almost all from the headlines or linked to them – are harder than last week’s … at least, they were until I saw the answers.

The plan is to put the solution up on Friday. Good luck!

Crossword 16.9.2020

Crossword 16.9.2020


4. Company that announced new fitness subscription alongside new smartwatch (5)
6. Profession of most recent Who Wants to be a Millionaire UK winner (7)
7. Carole ______, Tiger King star on Dancing with the Stars (6)
8. Tech company that announced its carbon footprint is now zero (6)
9. Italian ex-prime-minister who ‘got away with it again’ after hospital stay (10)
10. US state with bear on flag (10)
14. Reptile that UK commuter in Manchester used as a face covering on a bus (5)
17. Egan ______, Colombian defending champion of Tour de France who has withdrawn from the race (6)
18. World leader who says they ‘up-played’ the coronavirus pandemic (6,4)
19. US specialist graphics chip company who recently purchased ARM (6)
20. Yoshihide ________, New Japanese prime-minister (4)
1. Atlantic ocean current that extends into the North Atlantic Drift (4,6)
2. Keeping up with the ______, reality TV show was recently cancelled (11)
3. Danish toy company that annouced it will remove plastic bags from its packaging after pressure from children (4)
5. NY course that will host the US Open golf tournament this year (6,4)
11. Patrick ______, Quarterback who has signed the biggest contract in NFL history (7)
12. Nationality of the first non-European to win a stage in the men’s or women’s Tour de France (8)
13. Justin ______, Canadian facing ethics investigation (7)
15. Planet on which scientists might have discovered signs of life (5)
16. Country with second highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases (5)
17. Caribbean island that is going to remove Queen Elizabeth II as head of state (8)

Thanks to Crossword Labs for the site, and The Phraser’s volunteer crafter for the clues. Hope you can find the answers.

Copyright Georgie Knaggs & The Phraser 2020

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