Current affairs crossword – not all about sport

Crossword (3) 23.9.2020

Here are a few more crossword clues picked out from the week that’s just been. The Tour de France and a few celebrities get a mention, and there’s other stuff. Hope you’ll find the clues tricky enough but not too tricky.

Crossword (3) – 23.9.20

Here’s the link to do the crossword online:

Here are the clues the old-fashioned way.
8. Author of Booker shortlisted novel ‘This Mournable Body’ (6,11)
12. Michael ______; basketball star who has formed Nascar team with Bubba Wallace (6)
13. Moment when the centre of the sun is directly above the equator (7)
14. City in which Russian opposition leader was recently discharged from hospital (6)
15. Name given to a date when day and night are exactly the same length (7)
16. Company that announced new batteries alongside the ‘Model S Plaid’ (5)
18. TV drama that won 11 Emmys (8)
19. Cold current in the North Atlantic that shares its name with a peninsular in Eastern Canada, and dog breed (8)
20. Final performance at this Russian theatre’s opening had to be cancelled after positive Covid tests (7)
22. ______ Holmes; new Netflix detective drama (5)
23. ______ Pogacar; winner of the white jersey at the Tour de France (5)
24. Tech company contemplating moving out of Europe over data protection laws (8)
25. Footballer who has returned to Tottenham Hotspur from Real Madrid (10)

1. Youngest ever winner of best lead actress in a drama series at the Emmys (7)
2. The ________ RBG; rap inspired nickname for US ex-Supreme Court Justice (9)
3. Dominic ______; winner of US Open tennis tournament (5)
4. World leader who’s Covid plan relies on ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ (5,7)
5. Tadej ______; winner of the Tour de France (7)
6. Poison mailed to the White House (5)
7. Athletics event with new 6.15m record (4,5)
8. Winner of the polka dot jersey at the Tour de France (5,7)
9. What event in the Jewish religious calendar is Rosh Hashanah? (3,4)
10. New Great British Bake Off presenter (4,5)
11. Boss who turned 71 this week (5,11)
14. Ruth ______ Ginsburg; Supreme Court Justice, feminist icon, and US national treasure (5)
17. Mercury nominated band who narrowly lost a chart battle with Lady Gaga (6,4)
21. Bryson _______; US Open golf champion (10)

Thanks to Crossword Labs for the site, and The Phraser’s volunteer crafter for the clues.

Copyright Georgie Knaggs & The Phraser 2020

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