Walking for RUH Bath – day one is done


Today we got a taste of the hills in the Cotswolds … and there were quite a few. The top photo is taken half way up our first climb.

Here is the result of another climb, and it wins the best view of the day. This photograph was taken from the top of the Broadway Tower, where the designer William Morris, is said to have taken a bath.

As you can see the weather was beautiful today – cool to start, warm by lunchtime, and then hot by the afternoon. Thankfully there was plenty of shade.

The only busy spots on the walk were along the occasional village streets, and at the Broadway Tower. Other than that we had a selection of locals for company. Some brand new foals …

… and this stag (William we were told).

There was also birdsong, the pleasure of blossoming paths …

… and the relief of reaching the top.

Then down the hills towards a place for the night, and a rest for the feet.

Tomorrow we walk again, we hope.

Thank you for reading.

Copyright Georgie Knaggs & The Phraser 2021

4 thoughts on “Walking for RUH Bath – day one is done

  1. Georgie, it looks so beautiful! Time for walking the body and the spirit with gentle reflection. Well done on those hills! They look more gentle than I’m sure they were!! xxx


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