Walking for RUH Bath – day four, thanks for the trees


Today was my first taste of solo walking. I set off imagining the thousands of horrors, of which the two most likely were: falling over, and getting lost. The first did not happen … but the second did.

It started well. This was the view that I found after conquering a path described as one that ‘rises steadily’.

Near the view was a simple bench, with two solid planks for a seat, and this inscription, in memory of one of the ‘architects’ of the Woodland Trust, who ‘loved and planted’ trees. My thanks to him and to all those who grow these places for us. It is hard to describe how much we’ve loved the shade of tall trees during this walk.

Today, after the trees, came a short section along wheatfields, rippled with breeze, then back through woodland and on towards the miles of ridge that run above Cheltenham to Leckhampton Hill. The views spread in all directions, framed on one side by what looks like at least a mile of recently restored dry stone wall.

It was windy up on the hill, but not once I’d walked off the ridge. Here, without the breeze, it felt far hotter. Not a good time to get lost, however I decided to detour in search of a possible meeting point with my navigator. A lady, fresh from her car, told me it was only a ten minute walk ‘that’ way. Off I set, but after twenty minutes on hectic tarmac I decided to abandon the mission and return to the original route through the woods.

The joy of being back amongst the trees was especially intense.

Thankfully my navigator did find me later that afternoon, and it all became much easier.

I hope it’s been a good day with you. Thanks for reading, and thanks for giving. Day five starts tomorrow, boosted by the news that over £500 have now been raised. Thank you, thank you. Onwards and upwards …


Copyright Georgie Knaggs & The Phraser 2021

2 thoughts on “Walking for RUH Bath – day four, thanks for the trees

  1. Oh WOW Georgie, what a special day to walk on your own. And to get lost only to find yourself! The trees are beautiful and the quote inspirational…. I shall steal with pride, if you don’t mind xxxx Happy walking Georgie o “Buen camino” as they say in Spain xxx

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