Walking for RUH Bath – day six was hot


It was so good to have company today, and it was as if the walk knew it had to be a special day. The hike was full of shaded woods, wild flowers and clear blue views across England.

Here is a quick look at some of what we saw.

This first, not very good photograph, was of a memorial tucked into the hedgerow. At the top, the metalwork is of the signposts that have pointed us along the Cotswold Way, and beside them a stile underneath a tree. It is dedicated to Tony Drake MBE “principal creator of the Cotswold Way”. My thanks to him – The Cotswold Way feels to me like a living work of art.

This was the second sign of the day saying that Bath was 55 miles away. On the other side it said we had done 47 since Chipping Campden. I would have preferred it to be the other way around.

Then came hills and views, and a chance encounter with this deer who watched us with big curious eyes from the top of a ridge.

The cows we met shortly afterwards were not quite so gently unobtrusive. Instead they seemed to have set up a deliberate blockade around a vital signpost. It took a little negotiating to get them to let us have a look while the rest of the group wandered off in the wrong direction. I let somebody else do the negotiating!

After that it was mainly wooded walks towards the next stop, with a final crossing of several fields. Then we were out in the sun again, and missing the trees.

But even here, in the hot midday, there were some high points. One was a beautiful oak – in full, healthy leaf but hollow at its core.

And there was a vineyard!

Finally, before I say good night, here is one more sign.

Thanks so much again for your company. This is a little low on words, as it looks like a very early start tomorrow … and many miles to go.

Stay well. I hope you get the chance for a walk.


Copyright Georgie Knaggs & The Phraser 2021

4 thoughts on “Walking for RUH Bath – day six was hot

  1. Loving your information and the beauty of the countryside, Georgie. I’m travelling with you! This area is especially interesting to me because it brings up the happy memories of when Barrie and I lived in Bristol (1991 – 1993). Bath is one of my favourite towns… I still have a patchwork quilt that I bought from a shop in Bath from the sale of our battered old car (GBP300). That little car served us well and survived many trips in and around the UK. My quilt has travelled to every home I’ve moved to since….many of those.

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