Walking for RUH Bath – day nine, not as easy as we thought


It was such a beautiful start to the day this morning. Full sunshine, but with just enough of a breeze to make it really pleasant.

We ambled through the first village and then on through the parkland of Dodington Estate.

We admired village churches.

We strolled through meadows.

And then we settled down for a pause in the wonderful grounds of Dyrham House.

Then it began to dawn on us that we were only halfway. Refreshed from our pause, we set off enthusiastically into the two o’clock sun. That lasted for less than a mile. Then the horseflies began to bite, and the sun got hotter, and the hills got higher. The highest of all the hills on that boiling day was Freezing Hill

Freezing Hill on that boiling day felt like one of the highest. We had to cross field after field to get where we were going, and it only seemed to get warmer as we went.

Then we have tomorrow – the last day of this walk, and it looks like it might be raining. The first rain in ten, sunfilled days. It will be interesting to see what that’s like.

Thanks for reading and following. We have poor wifi here and my eyes are closing. I leave you with this final photo, and, just in case you’ve been hesitating, another chance to click on the JustGiving link for the Forever Friends Appeal at the Royal United Hospitals Bath, who are developing their cancer care facilities. It’s an appeal that means so much to Katrina. Thank you.


Copyright Georgie Knaggs & The Phraser 2021

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