Walking for RUH Bath – day ten, it’s done!


We found her! As we came down the hills just outside Bath, she came up the slopes with a picnic for us. What a treat for sore feet.

It was beautifully cool when we set off from Freezing Hill this morning, with just eight miles to go.

This was one of the first meadows of the day. My thanks to the man in the picture for his support.

There were fine views, beautiful horses … and there was no bull.

The midday point of the walk was the site of the Battle of Lansdowne. Everything about the site seemed to emphasise the futility of war.

The stone carving below is of a looting soldier.

The biggest memorial was for Sir Bevill Grenville, colonel of the Cornish pikeman. He was ‘hit on the head with a poleaxe’ and died the next day. The monument, built in 1720 by Grenville’s grandson, 77 years after the battle, is apparently Britain’s earliest surviving war memorial.

After a long walk around the golf course, and on through a few fields more, we had our first sight of Bath, and shortly afterwards of Katrina.

We had lunch on a bench, and then went together to look down on the hospital. Building of the exciting new cancer centre has begun in earnest, with a completion date of 2023. Katrina tells me that she and her fellow cancer patients continue to receive exceptional care. It’s so good to know that all our funds will go towards providing ‘gold standard’ treatment and support for them and their families. There is no doubting how deeply this matters to Katrina, nor how much her own experience has shown her its importance. Thank you for helping this great cause.

If you would like to find out a little more here is a link to the Forever Friends site.


The picture below is looking down towards the hospital (the pale grey buildings between us).

Thanks again for your support, and for reading the late night writing that’s followed each stage of the journey. So far we’ve raised £939!

I’ve loved your company, and hope all is well where you are. I now plan to take a break for a few days.


Copyright Georgie Knaggs & The Phraser 2021

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