Ukraine – always in our news

This flag was flying in New Zealand when I was there last year.

Wherever I see the flag, the blue and yellow seem so full of sunshine and hope, despite the bitter assault faced by the country it flies for.

Ukraine has been in the UK news for over a year now. We hear daily of devastation, too horrifying to believe at times, and yet it is happening – families, lives, whole towns are being destroyed. And the abuse is multiplying, continuing through the freeze of winter.

As we listen, one question, keeps repeating in my heart. Surely we cannot be doing this to each other now? History is flooded with needless bloodshed, but that is history. Surely not now?

And yet the scarring continues. Last Saturday in Dnipro, an apartment block full of life was shelled. A few days ago a helicopter crashed on to a kindergarten. And all the while, thousands of troops on both sides are losing their lives.

The trauma reaches us daily through the media. Like a muffled pain it throbs incessantly, flaring suddenly with news of a disaster, or stilling briefly, before hopes of talks collapse. It seems wrong to continue our day to day around it, but that is what we do.

And over us, and in between us and our every day lives, the beautiful flag keeps flying.

Copyright Georgie Knaggs & The Phraser 2023

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