Postcard from Tauranga, New Zealand

This is a bit of a time travelling postcard. I was here about seven months ago, and can remember it vividly. Just the names Tauranga, and Mount Maunganui were exciting. They were names I’d known ever since my cousins moved there, many years earlier.

Turns out Tauranga is all about the ocean. It has miles and miles of white sand beach on one side, and a big harbour on the other. On a map it looks a bit like a bottle opener – the beach running all down the long arm, with Mount Maunganui like a nose on the end, above the claw of the opener bit, which is surrounded by bays.

I never climbed Mount Maunganui but I walked all around it, about two metres above the ocean with the wind sending waves crashing towards us. We started on the harbour side, and walked around to the beach side. It was beautiful. Two big seals on the rocks, and a little blue penguin, busy swimming somewhere.

It was only when I was on the bus leaving Tauranga, which is a big place by the way – largest city in the Bay of Plenty, that I noticed the piles and piles of pine logs stacked along the quays waiting for delivery. Someone told me they were destined for China. Not sure if they’ve got there yet.

Hope this reaches you.

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