When a ceilidh comes to town

Photograph by Diana Fraser-Mackenzie

It was fast and fun, and in London.

Kilts and fiddle music, a spring in the floor, and a caller to keep the formations whirling. Part Scottish reeling, part barn dance, and two parts of give-it-a-go, enough knew enough, and on it span.

Why did it work? Because the young crowd from Scotland had danced in their PE lessons. Through primary school and adolescence they had kept dancing, now here they were, a decade on, owning the floor and taking the rest of us with them .

It made me wonder, as hearts pumped and bodies got caught in the wrong direction, why is there no dancing in PE in English schools? Or is there? It’s great exercise, social, non-competitive, accessible. Plus it would give everyone a chance to keep up.

Two pieces of advice to anyone contemplating a ceilidh – go for it, but take off your shoes before you start.

Here, is a link to comedian Danny Bhoy’s brilliant description of a ceilidh.

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