Feels like spring, so time for something new

The weather here is bizarrely balmy, so I feel encouraged to add some of my own ‘unexpected’.

Over the next week or so I plan to introduce you properly to Simi, Rudd, and the others, in the imagined world that I hope may one day turn into something with actual pages. If you have had the time, or inclination, to read earlier postcards you may have met some of these characters already. I think we left them caught up in the hazards of wedding planning in a remote part of Zimabwe. Now I hope to take you to the beginning of their story.

I have written a full draft of this, but every time I sit down to re-read what is already done, I find the characters running away with ideas of their own, or else deciding they no longer wish to be portrayed in the way I thought we’d agreed. They seem to be particularly difficult about tense, and point of view at the moment. So, anything might appear here, and it may never be the same again.

Whatever happens I hope it will be entertaining. Suggestions welcome … at least, I hope they will be.

(Over the past few years a group of writers has helped me try to bring some sort of order to this unruly, evolving tale. My thanks always to them, and to you for reading!)

Copyright Georgie Knaggs & The Phraser 2023

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