Postcard from Copenhagen


Apologies to anyone one out there clinging on to the stormy story, but there will be a short break – should be less than a week – before I drag you back. Thank you, thank you for your company. I hope you’ll have the time to rejoin the short excerpts next week.

Meanwhile, here goes with the first of a few travel postcards to fill the gap.

We flew out of Stansted Airport today. It’s not big, and is crowded with shops, and passengers packed in like agitated beans. We spent a large chunk of our final hour there, squeezed up tight with others on a metal staircase, waiting for the steel door at the end to open. It was like being released from a can when we finally got out.

Then, like magic, we were flying in over the Danish coast. The sea was calm, the offshore turbines near the airport barely moving, and the temperatures as warm as flip flops … and Copenhagen Airport quiet and spacious.

It was a perfect evening, and tomorrow is a brand new day!

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