Postcard from back-at-home

The coronation stone at Rørvig – erected by Frederik IX to mark the place where the Vikings crowned their kings

We were in Denmark for just four days, each of them packed as tight as a suitcase that won’t quite close.

Looking back now I see each section of our trip in detail. The weather was wonderful and we had the huge luxury of being guests – chauffered around and shown so much. I took a fair few photographs, and at the end of every day I explored a little more on the internet, checking, for each blog post, on what I thought I’d understood.

Now home, the memories are still ringing around my head, like bells from another land. I see the bright white of the sun-filled church standing by the stones of Gorm and his son. Then there is the cold mist of Thyborøn around the Sea War Museum in Jutland, followed by the blossom and green of the garden at Sanderumgaard. And finally, the simple crown carved into the top of the Viking coronation stone at Rørvig. In between there are colours, and meals, and the homes and faces of family and friends.

It was a crowded happy time, and to keep the memories close for a little longer I thought I’d post a few more of the photographs from the trip on Instagram (georgieknaggs) – one a day, for a week at least. Meanwhile, the blog will get back to the story. I hope to have another section of that up tomorrow.

Thanks for your company, and thanks to everyone who showed us so much of Denmark.

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