Fiction: Born Out of a Storm (Episode 1)

Welcome to my first attempt at a recording of one of my stories. This one is actually a story within a story. It has been lifted out of a longer piece that I hope might one day become a book.

I have broken it down into three segments of approximately 20 minutes each. Over the next few days I’ll post both the audio, and the text, of each section as I complete them.

This story within a story is set in Africa, and is entitled Born out of a Storm. In it a wedding party is trapped by an unexpected cyclone in the lodge where they are celebrating. Some of the party have sheltered in the battered billiard room. A firedrum, lifted off the wet floor, and on to a pile of old tiles, gives off a little heat and light in one corner. We see the events unfold through the eyes of Rudd, the young manager. Tendai is his assistant.

(In the audio version below thunder marks the beginning and end of the episode.)

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Book Review: This Mournable Body by Tsitsi Dangarembga

This Mournable Body by Tsitsi Dangarembga

“There is a fish in the mirror. The mirror is above the washbasin in the corner of your hostel room.”

The opening lines of a book I love for its fractured intensity. Reading it is like being plunged into a bruise, one that stains Zimbabweans everywhere.

2020 – something to try at home

London during the spring lockdown of 2020

Hello out there (or in there),

I hope that wherever you are, all is as well as possible with you and your families.

My apologies for the long silence from The Phraser. My excuse is that I’m trying to write a novel. When I set off with this grand, novel-writing plan, I did not realise how difficult it would be. There has been some progress, but I’m still not sure in which direction.

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