Chasing Laces – Voices from the Running Scene – Chapter 4

Chasing Laces – Voices from the Running Scene by Arthur Knaggs


Mohammed was bang on time. A neat, slim man in a checked shirt, he walked up and introduced himself. As we spoke he became more animated. I noticed that his eyes shone when he smiled and he was full of humour. Early into the interview, he got up to get sugar for his coffee. He returned with six sachets and poured three into the cup. He held the last three back in reserve. He told me about his sweet tooth and joked that if he didn’t run he would definitely have diabetes. He laughed when he told me that running had saved his life, but he wasn’t being funny.

You’re not going to have my name in the book? I’m disappointed now. I’m terrible at reading books, but your book will be different. My story is going to be in it, so I’ll definitely read it.

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