The Villa Pignatelli, two dogs, and a carriage museum in Naples, Italy

Villa Pignatelli in Naples, Italy

Villa Pignatelli in Naples, Italy

This villa – white and recently restored – sits in the lap of one of the most crowded cities in Europe.  It has the blue sea to its front, colour behind, and is wrapped in an exclusive coat of green.

Its striking, classical profile is very different to the buildings that now surround it.

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Naples, Italy: on its way to the New Year

Image from a t-shirt design by 'Officina Flegrea'

Image from a t-shirt design by ‘Officina Flegrea’ –

In the summer of 2014 we arrived in our new home on the outskirts of Naples.  We left this autumn.  Two years in total, two years in which we were privileged to see places many Neapolitans themselves never get the chance to visit.  Some of the sights we saw were outside the city but many were squeezed into its narrow streets.

This post, mainly of photographs, is a glance at the context, at some of the neighbourhoods and corners, that frame a few of those places that were in Naples itself.

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Lago d’Averno – the Gates of Hell

Ducks on Lago d'Averno

Ducks on Lago d’Averno – supping at the threshold of the underworld

Some names stick, along with all the muck that goes with them; other names, that make the bones shiver, don’t budge and it makes no sense at all.

The ‘gates of hell’ near today’s Cuma is an ancient mythical name given to a lake that today is about as rattlesnake as Homer Simpson.

It was the dog that took us there first.  Someone had said Lago d’Averno would be perfect …

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Hotel Beau Site, Talloires … and a rendezvous

The rendezvous - the garden of the Hotel Beau Site in Talloires

The rendezvous – the garden of the Hotel Beau Site in Talloires

We had a rendezvous to arrange … and it had to be perfect.

Our final choice was the Hotel Beau Site in Talloires.  It looked beautiful on its website – more like an old, elegant home than a hotel – and, more important, it had grounds that seemed to lead down to a private beach on a pristine lake.

The bad news – it was a self-promoting hotel an easy drive from of some the most famous ski slopes in Europe.  Surely a web-trap?

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A day on a beach just north of Naples, Italy – with a dog in mind

In winter the ‘Litorale Domitio’ near Naples is quiet. Perfect for dogs?

In late February we began to hunt for walks for our labrador due to join us in the spring after he’d spent eight months frolicking with family in the leafy parks of Copenhagen.

We fretted for his well-being in the streetwise south.

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