In search of a book in Naples, Italy

A look back: this piece was first published on 12 February 2016. I can still feel the sunshine of that walk, and the satisfaction of being able to ask for help in simple Italian. The embarrassing part is that, a year on, the book I took such trouble to hunt down is still not finished … plus I’ve discovered my weary dictionary isn’t big enough for Enzo Striano.

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Books and Naples, Italy are old friends Books and Napoli are old friends

Step in amongst the books in this ancient city and it’s hard to avoid the big names on almost every corner. My search for just one novel was busy enough.

Start on the Lungomare and there’s the castle known, thanks to Virgil, as the Castel dell’Ovo (Castle of the Egg).

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What to do when air traffic control goes wrong

Not going anywhere.

Not going anywhere.

I am an infrequent, economy class flyer still in wonder at the impossibly of it all.  Last weekend I had a new experience.

We had been told that the flights we were due to take were headed into trouble – a general strike in Italy.  My son was on a British Airways (BA) afternoon flight scheduled to leave shortly after mine and the travel agent’s advice to both of us was that all would be well as Italy would be back at work by the evening.

In the end it was as I buckled in that the delay was announced.  Suddenly optimism vanished into a mix of flat light, long stranded hours and these few lessons learned:

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