Television – The Gold

We gobbled up The Gold. The series (six episodes) is on BBC iPlayer, and still showing every Sunday on BBC One.

It’s about the armed robbery of the Brinks-Mat warehouse at Heathrow, London, in November 1983. There were six men in the gang who carried out the heist, all of them from south London. Apparently they were hoping to find about £3m in cash, but instead they discovered £27m in gold, and were quite happy to take it. Then they had the massive problem of what to do with it – how to get rid of it without anyone noticing.

I found it fascinating. Completely 1980s. The police investigation was blind without CCTV, and had to operate a tiny follow up force to get around the corruption in its own members, and the sticky network of freemasons.

Worth a watch if you can find it. It’s fiction, but based on real events. Like Ferrante’s tales from Naples, Italy, there are women caught up in the crimes, and characters stuck in poverty, or recently released from it.

The Gold had me gripped. It’s got a great cast. And it’s changed my view of London.

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Review: Generation War: Our mothers, Our fathers (episode one)

Level-headed officer Wilhelm (Volker Bruch)

Level-headed officer Wilhelm (Volker Bruch)

I am not a fan of war movies and the title of this series is only a flea’s finger from my normal cut off point.

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The Great British Bake Off – wall-to-wall comfort without the calories

Oops - it's not a pretzel

Oops – it’s not a pretzel

There was panic in our house last night at 8pm as we raced to find the sofa located somewhere beneath the teenager.  The final of the Great British Bake Off was about to begin.  Where was the remote control?

We were not alone – over nine million of us tuned in at some point during last night’s bake off.  It was intense from the first floury flurry.

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