Letter from Leicester – Gelato included

Gelato Village Leicester, England

Gelato Village Leicester, England

The trip to Leicester was an impulse – something to do with the heatwave, and meeting Antonio De Vecchi and Daniele Taverna in Turin. All we talked about in Turin was food, and their passion was gelato…so much of a passion that they started Gelato Village in Leicester, England.

I’d never been to Leicester. Now I had two reasons to go.

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In St Ives as Emma storms the beaches of Cornwall

The cold breath of Storm Emma reaches Cornwall

The cold breath of Storm Emma reaches Cornwall

Should we go? Shouldn’t we go? Mad to go! Mad not to go! Outside the window the snow drifts … ominous and unsettled.

“If we can get out of here the middle looks quiet.”

“No storm here yet,” they assure us in St Ives.

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China and WWF-UK host reception of hope for Africa’s elephants

Invitation to the reception held by the Chinese Embassy in London and the WWF-UK to mark the closure of China's domestic ivory market

Invitation to the reception held by the Chinese Embassy in London and the WWF-UK to mark the closure of China’s domestic ivory market

China has closed its domestic ivory market. The evening begins with speeches, each given to mark the giant step taken by China to protect the elephants of Africa.

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Gloucester – an ancient English city with a strong heart

Gargoyle on Gloucester Cathedral, England

Gargoyle on Gloucester Cathedral, England

Gloucester is a city with heart and a sense of self. It knows its bones, and lays them out with pride.

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The Phraser – an apology and an explanation

My desk - it's been busy

My desk – it’s been busy

Dear Reader,

In case you’re there, and wondering where I might be, this is an apology for the silence, and an explanation … two explanations. The first is sad, and the second is hopeful.

  1. I’ve just been to Scotland for the funeral of a wonderful lady and friend; and
  2. I’m tidying up The Phraser to make it easier to navigate, and to prepare for a new focus on all things to do with books.

The site should be ready and gleaming by the end of the month. Meanwhile, I hope you have the time to do some browsing – The Phraser is open for that.

I look forward to getting back to you, and wish you good reading and good company … always!


The New Year – 2018!

New growth on a winter's day

New growth on a winter’s day

This morning, the first day of 2018, started grey, cold and wet … then the sun came out. Light bounced off droplets, fresh shoots pushed up through the moss – it was bright and wonderful, still cushioned in autumn bronze.

Hope in the morning … Happy New Year!

Happy Christmas … may there be peace and goodwill

The Phraser will be on pause for Christmas. Here is a tiny handmade video of carol singers on a train platform. This was filmed from the bridge over the tracks so it is all a bit long-distance – a meander, caught on our commute home. 🚂Best viewed with sound.🎄🎶🎆