The New Year – 2018!

New growth on a winter's day

New growth on a winter’s day

This morning, the first day of 2018, started grey, cold and wet … then the sun came out. Light bounced off droplets, fresh shoots pushed up through the moss – it was bright and wonderful, still cushioned in autumn bronze.

Hope in the morning … Happy New Year!

Happy Christmas … may there be peace and goodwill

The Phraser will be on pause for Christmas. Here is a tiny handmade video of carol singers on a train platform. This was filmed from the bridge over the tracks so it is all a bit long-distance – a meander, caught on our commute home. 🚂Best viewed with sound.🎄🎶🎆

Merry Christmas … Happy Holidays … Season’s Greetings

Christmas tree 2016

Christmas tree 2016

The holidays have arrived and with them a new frenzy.  It’s hectic here so I’ll pause for a few days to try to keep pace with it all.

Many thanks for your company over this past year – for your reading, for your writing, for your sharing – and a special thanks to Naples for all the stories.

May the next few days be filled with friends, family and kindness … best wishes all round.

Copyright Georgie Knaggs & The Phraser 2018

What to do when air traffic control goes wrong

Not going anywhere.

Not going anywhere.

I am an infrequent, economy class flyer still in wonder at the impossibly of it all.  Last weekend I had a new experience.

We had been told that the flights we were due to take were headed into trouble – a general strike in Italy.  My son was on a British Airways (BA) afternoon flight scheduled to leave shortly after mine and the travel agent’s advice to both of us was that all would be well as Italy would be back at work by the evening.

In the end it was as I buckled in that the delay was announced.  Suddenly optimism vanished into a mix of flat light, long stranded hours and these few lessons learned:

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