The Sultan’s Elephant in London – a true story

This is about an elephant that came to the streets of London in search of a little girl. It happened in 2006 and I wrote about it in 2015. It’s a tale about wonder where you least expect it … and about the power of elephants.

The Phraser

The Sultan's Elephant in London ‘The Sultan’s Elephant’ by Royal de Luxe, produced in London in 2006 by Artichoke. Photo copyright Sophie Laslett.

It all began on one of those long weekends when no-one was looking.  To start with it was just an ordinary, empty day – too busy to see.

Then, suddenly, people started to hear things, they started to wonder … because … wasn’t that … did they really hear an elephant in London?

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The Tube – always extraordinary

These facts link with the earlier article: "London and the life beneath its feet". Part of the feature on The Underground published by the online magazine 'The New Londoners' in June 2014

These facts link with the earlier article: “London and the life beneath its feet”.
Both were part of the feature on the Underground published by the online magazine ‘The New Londoners’ in June 2014

London and the Underground that keeps it moving

This piece appeared in The New Londoners - a digital publication - in June 2014

This piece appeared in The New Londoners – an online magazine – in June 2014

The Migrants Resource Centre – helping those far from home

There is a tired building on the corner of a well-heeled London street where migrants are taught life and communication skills.

The building belongs to the Migrants Resource Centre (MRC) – an organisation that holds out an under-funded hand to some of London’s newest arrivals.  Its aim is to provide: “a range of free services to support migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to enable them to contribute to society in the UK”.

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Visit to the food stalls in Camden Lock Market’s West Yard

Camden Lock Market, London

Camden Lock Market, London

Camden’s markets attract some 15 million visitors every year. This summer we joined the crowd.

Once through the curiosity and distraction of the general stalls and the shoppers, we made our way to the West Yard for food.

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Fresh Food in Camden Lock Market’s West Yard

Fresh food in Camden Lock Market's West Yard

Fresh food in Camden Lock Market’s West Yard

The food stalls in the West Yard of Camden Lock Market last Friday were all sunshine and service. It was a world food experience – a gap year in a lunch-hour…minus the alcohol.

If you have a London ‘to-do’ list that burst with parks, palaces, museums and big stores perhaps you might add Camden Market. It’s a day out to stretch the senses – a break from the big brands.

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The London Olympics 2012 – was that us?

London Olympics 2012

London Olympics 2012

London raised its Olympic hat to the world, and found a new bounce beneath its feet.

The Games ignited the city with music, confidence, competition, and a collection of the most charismatic athletes the world could ever hope for. The fortnight exhausted us and then added new energy.

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