Let me take you to Cape Cod

Cape Cod

The little boat – metal hull, room for four, and a fine engine – edges out past the sport fishing boats in the harbour to the curves that stretch beyond.

Here, the ‘no wake‘ signs behind us, we accelerate on towards the pale line of the Cape Cod National Seashore.

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Kenya – Tsavo to Naivasha at the end of 2018

View of Kilimanjaro on the road to Taveta, near the Tanzanian border with Kenya

We knew Kilimanjaro was there – we’d glimpsed it behind the clouds many times – but the first time we met for real was the day we left.

The early morning was fresh as washing on the line, with the great volcano high in the blue above us all. It was stunning.

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Sunshine and storm in Stockholm in spring

This is one of the first travel blogs on The Phraser. It took a while to re-arrange into a readable piece, which I hope means that my blogging skills have improved over the years. The grainy photographs are the few I took at the time.

The Phraser

We are in Stockholm for three nights.

There is spring sunshine and a snowstorm…and there is the old, the grand, the brand new, and plenty of food.

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Two Nights on the Edge of Tsavo, Kenya

Tsavo, Kenya

Tsavo, Kenya

We turn our wheels west, from Kilifi towards Tsavo.

It’s hot, and there are five of us in the 4×4 … and about 250km to go.

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Christmas in Kilifi, Kenya

En route - London to Addis Ababa

En route – London to Addis Ababa

We arrive at Heathrow … ready. Outside cold winter presses against the glass, and our mobiles ping with the last twitches of the lives we’ve just left.

By morning we’ll be in Addis Ababa.

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Impressions of Prague

Flying into Prague over the Vltava River

Flying into Prague over the Vltava River

This is our first visit to a city we know of but do not know, and we have just one October weekend to make its acquaintance.

The Vltava River is the eye-catcher as we fly in.

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The Reunion – Walking the Talk in Extremadura, Spain

Walking in Extremadura in the spring of 2018

Walking in Extremadura in the spring of 2018

Seven of us – female, and last together decades ago at school in Zimbabwe – leave our lives in England, South Africa, Spain, France and Australia, and head off for a week’s reunion in Extremadura.

The plan, born from a cyber whim, somehow, suddenly becomes real.

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