Zimbabwe – wounded, wary…and wonderful

Zimbabwe – “Caged Bird” (also a poem by Maya Angelou)

I love Zimbabwe – I was born there, my father was born there, I went to school there, and I was married there. A few weeks ago I returned for a wedding.

It was a packed ten days. We stayed on a farm, we visited friends in Harare, and we spent three days in the Eastern Highlands.

Every step of the way weary Zimbabwe was courteous and kind.

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Five days in the suburbs of Harare, capital of Zimbabwe

Coming in to land at Harare International Airport in Zimbabwe

Coming in to land at Harare International Airport in Zimbabwe

We fly in to the land where I was born and raised.  She is green from the recent rains and dusted with small white clouds.

It is early 2017, and I have not been back for fourteen years.

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The art of recycling – ingenious giraffe crafted in Harare, Zimbabwe

A few days ago I posted a short story Chipepo’s Box.  It was based on the relationship between crafts and tourism in Zimbabwe.

This morning, with a few minutes to scan through other WordPress blogs, I found this on the Zim Creative blog.

Chipepo sold his box at the foot of a baobab tree in the Zambezi Valley – Manners Mukuwiri works in Chitungwiza just outside Harare .   His giraffe aren’t quite the same as Sibongile’s soapstone giraffe but their need for customers is.

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