Donkeys – a lifeline to Zimbabwe

The VAWZ (UK) stall at the Whitely Village Summer Fair 2014

The VAWZ (UK) stall at the Whiteley Village Summer Fair 2014

I am high above the clouds en route to Naples but in my mind is an English summer fair held almost three weeks ago at Whiteley Village. The sky that day was the same blue as today’s with storms smudged briefly across the far horizons.

Whiteley, a retirement village, is a web of cottages set in acres of Surrey. Its annual summer fair is a well-known local event.

This year it was hot. An ice-cream van dotted the crowds with dripping cones while beneath the bunting skin ripened, bands tootled and stalls set out their wares. The visitors were a mixed selection of locals and the further-flung, with a strong dash of Zimbabweans adding to the flavour.
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INNOCENT VICTIMS: by Catherine Buckle: Extract 4


Innocent Victims by Catherine Buckle

Innocent Victims by Catherine Buckle

Innocent Victims is set in Zimbabwe where a violently enforced land redistribution programme spilled across the country’s farms at the turn of the millennium. The author, Catherine Buckle, weaves together first hand accounts of Meryl Harrison’s struggle to help the animals trapped in the midst of the chaos.

This is the final extract from Innocent Victims to be posted on The Phraser.  In it there is a reference to Rupert Fothergill * who, in the 1950s, led the rescue of the animals endangered by the rising water of the new Kariba Dam.

The extract that follows is copyrighted material.

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