Piazza Mercato in Naples, Italy – a forgotten witness

The Piazza del Mercato in Naples Italy - the church behind the football posts is called Santa Croce e Purgatorio and has been closed since the earthquake in 1980. This is the church that first marked the spot where Conradin was killed.

The Piazza Mercato in Naples Italy and the church of Santa Croce e Purgatorio (closed since the earthquake in 1980).

On a morning of warm rain I walked the seafront of Naples in search of Piazza Mercato, a place that used to be a nerve centre for the city.

For well over five centuries this piazza was where goods, power, and messages changed hands – it was the Facebook of its day.

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Castel Sant’Elmo, Naples, Italy: built to last

The Castel Sant'Elmo Naples, Italy

The Castel Sant’Elmo Naples, Italy with coat of arms of Charles V and the double-headed eagle

If you find a castle in town you know there’s been trouble … and the bigger the castle the bigger the trouble.

Bump into Castel Sant’Elmo, with Vesuvius just there, and you realise that you probably have no idea what ‘trouble’ even is.

When we visited there was trouble.

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