China and WWF-UK host reception of hope for Africa’s elephants

Invitation to the reception held by the Chinese Embassy in London and the WWF-UK to mark the closure of China's domestic ivory market

Invitation to the reception held by the Chinese Embassy in London and the WWF-UK to mark the closure of China’s domestic ivory market

China has closed its domestic ivory market. The evening begins with speeches, each given to mark the giant step taken by China to protect the elephants of Africa.

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Harmony and Discord in Africa – Memories of Childhood in Southern Rhodesia by Mark Huleatt-James

Harmony and Discord in Africa by Mark Huleatt-James

Harmony and Discord in Africa by Mark Huleatt-James

This is about a time and a childhood place not far from my own.

Harmony and Discord in Africa, despite its title, is not a political book but rather a slice of ‘home history’ about a boy, his family and their life on a farm in the young British colony of Southern Rhodesia .

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Baby elephants: made in Africa – exported to China

Picture courtesy of China Zoo Watch

Picture courtesy of China Zoo Watch

Wild baby elephants (Loxodonta africana africana), born amongst the acacias of Zimbabwe, are being sold to zoos in China by the Zimbabwean authorities.

In 2012 four baby elephants, one of whom is already dead, were transported to China and it is believed that more are due to follow shortly.

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Alex Leslie was founder and CEO of the Global Billing Association (GBA), a trade body focused on the communications sector.  During the ten years of the GBA as an independent association he guided it through times of enormous change, challenge and opportunity for the communications industry.  He is widely published in communications magazines around the world.


IMG_0580A ten percent growth in mobile phone subscriptions in sub-Saharan Africa will translate into a one percent increase in that region’s GDP.  

So said Bill Clinton recently, quoting statistics from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the communications offshoot of the United Nations (UN).

Demand in the region is far greater than supply suggesting that much of the continent is set for an exciting period of growth.  It is not just the take up of mobile phones fuelling the revolution – it is what people are using them for.

Stories are commonplace of mobiles being used to discover what goods are in the market 20 miles away, and therefore whether a journey is necessary. Before mobiles were widely available, the journey simply had to be made, often for nothing.

Mobile phones create a more efficient use of time – and time is money.   They are also creating markets, allowing producers and traders to begin the business of buying and selling before the market is even open.

In banking there is a similar revolution thanks to the mobile.

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