In praise of the peace of old church music – Naples, Italy

Christ Church in Naples, Italy

Christ Church in Naples, Italy

Music reaches into our memories and emotions, it filters through our brains to lift us to a new state of mind.  It allows us to be more … and it allows us to remember.

In old churches, empty or full, there is space built to catch the echoes and harmonies of sacred music.  It flows in careful patterns up the pillars, through and around the arches, on into the rafters and beyond … and it takes a part of us with it, it frees us from below.

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The luxury of Naples

A look back (first published 3 December 2014): I posted this photograph piece after discovering Via dei Mille in the Chiaia district of Naples. There are other ‘wealthy corners’ in the city but it’s hard to beat the seafront area as a location.

The Phraser

DSC01912The light on the sea in Naples is like oxygen for the mind.  It has space and calm, and is free of dark cobbles and hectic life.

Here are some pictures of a few of the quieter, wealthier corners of Naples.

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Interview: Bonnie Alberts of Napoli Unplugged

Bonnie Alberts - one of the four authors of the Napoli Unplugged Guid to Naples

Bonnie Alberts – one of the four authors of the Napoli Unplugged Guide to Naples

“I don’t see how an American can ask me if Naples is safe!”

Bonnie Alberts is an American, a well-travelled American, who has lived in Naples, Italy for a decade.

“I don’t understand the reputation – it’s a breathing, working city.”

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