Zimbabwe’s struggle to breathe – how it looks from where I am

Caged bird in Zimbabwe

Caged bird – Zimbabwe, Africa

Zimbabwe is in real trouble – in a frantic struggle for breath.

The police and military are on the streets trying to force the people back inside – to keep them away from the demonstration against corruption that has been called for tomorrow. Evidence of whippings and intimidation already circle social media.

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Poetry: Zimbabwe teapot (by Hasani)

"Torture, hatred and political rhetoric stoke the flames" by Hasani

“Torture, hatred and political rhetoric
stoke the flames” by Hasani

Hasani is a poet from Zimbabwe who left the country due to political strife. He writes protest poetry and advocates for recognition of human rights and justice in Zimbabwe. He currently lives in London.

Below is the poem he wrote to go with the image above. I read it for the first time in 2013.

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