Saying goodbye to Django …

Django in Campania (near Naples, Italy)

Django in Campania (near Naples, Italy)
He romped through our lives for over a decade RIP

Apologies for the silence. It has been a hectic fortnight of family, friends and farewells. I shall be back at my desk tomorrow.

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To be a dog in Naples …

A look back (first published 9 October 2014):

The Phraser

First impressions stick in the mind like chewing-gum.  It doesn’t matter how the impression is made – through direct experience or second-hand – the more startling the impression the more sticky the fix.

In August we moved to the south of Italy, just outside the historic city of Naples with its reputation for crime, corruption, trouble with rubbish, and the small matter of the Camorra.

The pre-departure reading had been interesting in a disturbing kind of way but what really stuck was a brief headline deposited in the spring in amongst London’s daily serving of global news – Naples was about to start the DNA testing of dog mess.

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Napoli wore pearls yesterday

Vesuvius at the end of the Lungomare in Naples, Italy

Vesuvius at the end of the Lungomare in Naples, Italy

When light bounces off the sea, then rises up through blue sky towards the sun it takes your heart with it … at least it does on the seafront in Naples, Italy.  It’s impossible to resist, like a balloon freed by the breeze, up and up it goes.

Yesterday was one of those days.

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