Interview with Barnaby Rogerson: Part II – Eland and travel writing

Open day at Eland Publishing in December 2017

Open Day at Eland Publishing in December 2017

It is late November 2017, and I am with Barnaby Rogerson, author and expert on North Africa, whose latest book, In Search of Ancient North Africa – A History in Six Lives, has just been published.

This is the second part of our interview and the focus is on travel writing in general and on Eland, the publishing house where he is a director.

We are in the Eland hub – books are everywhere.

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Review of Naples ’44 – Francesco Patierno’s film of the book by Norman Lewis


Naples, Itlay

Naples, Italy

This film, a collage of memory and story, nightmare and fact, holds high the war-shattered image of Naples. It takes us amongst the ruins to show us desperate lives caught up in battle and destruction.

We are not asked to pity or excuse … only to understand, and to witness the consequences of a year of war in a city targeted for its strategic importance.

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